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The Queencest Queen
30 September 2016 @ 12:09 pm
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The Queencest Queen
22 April 2015 @ 03:57 pm

  • Stephen's gotta stop looking like he's gonna cry. It makes me want to cuddle him, which, you know, is impossible.

  • Bam! Laurel swoops in like badass bitch and halts everything! I still don't like her and Oliver, but she's growing on me as a character. Accusing her own father of fabricating a confession is not going to help their father/daughter dynamic any though.

  • "Oliver's sister's boyfriend," just the way he said that struck me as amusing.

  • "This city still needs you." [...] "It needs you more." Anyone else not entirely convinced Oliver and Roy are talking about the city? ;)

  • "But no one close to you has died." The ominous and I get a very bad feeling. After all Ra's could use Malcolm to do something. I don't want anyone to die...except Felicity but I doubt they'll kill her.

  • "Please tell it wasn't you who put him up to this," so there goes my theory that Thea asked him to do it.

  • Also in this scene, I like that Thea and Oliver are standing together. They look best side by side.

  • Boy, Lance is really on the war path.

  • "I told the guards I didn't want to see you." Oh my God, that scene made me want to cry. I don't even like Roy or Theroy but GAH!

  • Personally. I think Oliver's annoyed with Ray, not because he's with Felicity, but because he's just annoying.

  • That Roy jail fight was awesome!

  • Okay, first off I'm pretty sure it is both rude and illegal for the police to be tossing Thea's clothes off the second floor like that. I hope Thea's texting Oliver about this.

  • Thea vs. Lance! Look at our girl holding her own! I am so super proud of her!

  • "Does he even know why he's throwing his life away?" My Queencest brain extended that dialogue.

  • Really Quentin? Trying to use Roy to turn Thea against Oliver? That's low and so not gonna happen.

  • "Ollie!" Her voice sounded really weird to me there. I don't know why. I love he just opens his arms and she walks straight into them. It's like it's instinctual for him to hold her.

  • Woah. Oliver was dealing with the Roy thing until Thea told him what happened. Now he's getting in a physical altercation with Diggle! It's cause he looks out for Roy, I know, but you also cannot convince me that seeing Thea in tears had nothing to do with it.

  • "Before you lose everything." Oliver turns and looks at Thea.

  • "Maybe there is something more going on with you..." Yeah, he's not so secretly in love with his sister. What do you mean that's not canon?

  • "I know who you are." No, Felicity you do not actually. Not at all.

  • Oh no, Roy!

  • I love how the first word out of Oliver's mouth when he sees Lance with her in the apartment is "Thea?" Not “what are you doing here?” or “what do you want?”, but “Thea?”

  • Aw man, we don't get to see Oliver comfort Thea? I feel jipped!

  • Roy's not dead! Good but also poor Tholiver. They were so upset!

  • I'm glad Roy thought to let Thea in! I like all three of the goodbyes.

  • I love how defensive she is over Oliver!

  • OH MY FUCKING GOD! *sobs hysterically* They did not just kill Thea! No fucking way!

The Queencest Queen
22 April 2015 @ 03:49 pm

  • You know what I just now noticed? In the intro part when he says: "to them, I'm Oliver Queen." is the clip of him hugging Thea after he told her. I greatly approve of and support this editing choice.

  • Damn! The arrow didn't even hit Felicity. That's mean on the part of the editors. I had hope, damn it!

  • This Shado twin storyline is a weak attempt at writing. Shame on the writers! Shame!

  • "I am the biggest idiot in the world for breaking up with you." And she's back, ladies and gentlemen! The poorly written in-a-relationship-with-Roy!Thea is back! Now on a character/relationship note, this line right here is a prime example of why I think Roy is emotional abusive towards Thea somehow. She just absolved him of all responsibility for their breakup and he is partially responsible. God, I'm really starting to hate the writers of this show.

  • "Why don't we? Roy?" I'm sorry I'm calling utter bullshit on that. Seriously, writers? Thea would NEVER run away while the threat of the League hangs over them and she definitely would not just abandon Oliver while he was in such danger. Nope. No. *shakes head*

  • At least Thea's look when Roy brought up Oliver was contrite, like she felt bad that he'd slipped her mind for a minute. Leave it to Willa to rectify the damage of the poor character writing as much as possible. I love Willa so much.

  • "You're here, so I'm great." Normally, I hate the Raylicity interactions, but okay, that line was kind of cute.

  • "And do you feel betrayed by that decision?" What are you, Oliver, a therapist? Also, the way he's standing in this scene with his hands behind his back like that, it makes him look powerful...and sexy, not gonna lie.

  • Using Sara against Nyssa was quick thinking...but also kind of mean in a way.

  • Why? Why is Thea not yet part of Team Arrow? She should be! He knows she can fight! Grr!

  • That building jump was amazing!

  • Nyssa protected Laurel again! I'm starting to ship it legit now.

  • Another "thank god you're not dead" reunion between Oliver and Thea. Yay!

  • "What are you talking about?" I love how Thea was the first one to fend off Oliver's apology...in a way that told him he was an idiot for apologizing in the first place. "What don't I know?" Thea's determination to be in the know is admirable. What I don't get is why Oliver didn't tell her in the first place.

  • "Tommy." Aw, Oliver used Tommy's name as his fake name!

  • Well, now Quentin knows. Damn. This gonna be bad. "Oliver, the Arrow, either way same guy." Yup. Bad. Damn.

  • The police bust through the door and what does Thea do first? Tell Oliver to run. Even though the police are also still after Roy too. At least her priorities are straight in high pressure situations.

  • Now the city knows. Shit. This just went from bad to worse.

  • "I don't even have a regular plan."  That's funny, but okay, all of Team Arrow shows up yet where is Thea? This a scene that she needs to be in. Her brother's being hunted! Where the hell else do the writers think she'd be? Honestly!

  • "Also, he's frozen Thea's assets." Well, at least Lance knows that Thea is his main support...even if the writers behind the whole thing seem to hate her character for some dumb ass reason.

  • Ow! Ray just I love you and Felicity didn't say it back. Ow!

  • Oliver turned himself in. What a self sacrificing, heart-of-gold-having, moron!

  • Yet again, Team Arrow relies around Oliver in jail and yet again, no Thea! WHY THE FUCK NOT?

  • Oliver in handcuffs. Kind of sexy. Also, his speech to them? Perfect.

  • "You have no idea what it's like to live like this. Looking for any kind of answer." She's right; he doesn't, but Thea would. Thea lived like that for five years.

  • Lance just hit Oliver! Not cool! Not cool!

  • "Wouldn't it haven better if you just died there?" NO! No, it would not! That's so mean!

  • Oliver is not a villain!

  • Also, part of me thinks maybe Thea put the idea to be the Arrow in Roy's mind.

The Queencest Queen
20 April 2015 @ 08:34 pm

  • Thea’s dress, for the second that we glimpsed her, was very pretty...even if she did attend the wedding with the wrong date.

  • Laurel’s dress, while beautiful and looks fabulous on her, is not right for a wedding. Seriously, costume department!

  • What? Do they all have automatic Google Alerts on the Arrow? Diggle and Lyla left their own wedding reception for this Arrow cave chat? Either Lyla is an extremely evolved woman...or Diggle will be paying for this later in some backhanded sort of way. Also, what did they all do, abandon Thea at the wedding reception? Seriously, everyone that she knows left to deal with this, but her. When is she gonna join Team Arrow? I need her on the team, damn it.

  • “It’s called a honeymoon.” D’aww, sweet!Oliver makes my heart squeeze! Also, who’s watching baby Sara while Diggle and Lyla are on their honeymoon?

  • Mutilating poor innocent teddy bears for drug trade is just wrong.

  • Oliver yelled at Felicity. YAY!

  • “Ray built a supersuit? That’s kinda awesome...and reckless.” Ha, look everybody, Roy was funny!

  • Ray is...trying to blackmail Laurel? Also, Laurel’s advice was badass and spot on.

  • I hope that arrow kills Felicity.

The Queencest Queen
20 April 2015 @ 12:30 pm

• “You see, I would never shame you with such bluntness.” Um, yeah, Ra’s? You just did. I’ll admit it was in the backhanded bitchy way that catty teenagers do, but yeah, you totally did.

“Oliver Queen is a man destined to be alone. He loves a woman he knows he cannot have.” So…Thea. Yes, Thea.

• “Dying as you begun your crusade, alone.” Okay, while it’s true he started this journey as a solo mission, it is not true nor has it ever been that he was ever alone. Thea was always there with him, even when she didn’t know. Even when he lied to her about what he was doing, she was and always be on his side.

• Ugh, Thea, why? Why is she so determined to die? Does she wish to die so much? Does she have any idea what that would do to Oliver, to Roy, to everyone? I know it’s eating her alive what Malcolm made her do, but her death would only bring more harm.

• Gotta give Laurel some major points for running in to defend Thea against Nyssa. That’s some brave shit right there!

• “League training probably.” Why’d she lie? Is she so afraid they’ll find out about her understandable suicidal tendencies and save her life? Thea!

• I feel like this river thing is probably gonna become important. I swear to God, if they kill Ollie again…Grr. Anyway, they’re being awfully vague about this whole concept.

• “And, if I say no,” Geez, Ollie you already played your hand earlier now they’ll just use….yup, there’s Diggle! Fantastic! Ugh! Oh, wait, what? He’s letting them ago? Now, I’m lost and astounded. Something’s not right here. I can feel it.

• Tholiver reunion! I love Tholiver reunions so much!

• “You look okay. Are you okay?” Thea being worried is so cute! GAH!

• I love Oliver’s big brother instincts; protecting her from herself. So…GAH! Also, I love how as soon as Oliver says something like “…like him heal,” Thea acquiesces because it’s Ollie and in him she trusts without question.

• Also, did anyone else notice that Oliver reached out for her hand or whatever and then only dropped it ‘cause he was walking away? The little things about these two just kill me.

• “Well, thank God! Just because I’m furious with you, doesn’t mean I want you dead.” That line struck me as oddly funny. And is it me or does anyone else think Oliver not as happy as to see the team as he “supposed” to be? Especially Felicity.

• God, not even five seconds into this scene and Felicity already being a whiny, demanding bitch again.

• Okay now I know it was a qualifying Lauliver moment, but Oliver swooping in and picking up Laurel before she got crushed was amazing. Extremely well filmed.

• The scene between Lance and Oliver, my heart is broken. I feel bad for Lance I really do.

• “Oliver’s not here.” Poor Thea has such apparent low self-value that she can’t even consider that Laurel might be there to see her, which okay, in reality she was there to see Malcolm (despite her words,) but still it says something about Thea’s self-worth that it didn’t enter her mind that Laurel could be there to see her.

• “You know you’re lucky, Laurel; you have a normal father. Someone who really loves you.” Boy, Thea’s whole world and belief system is just chaos these days, huh? It sucks so much for her.

• Thea’s rapidly approaching darkness is scaring me. She can’t go dark; she can’t.

• “Do you realize that I am so messed up I was willing to die last night, for what you made me do?” *cries*

• Malcolm just tried to convince Thea to kill him; what an ass. Seriously, is there no end to the torture he’ll put her through? Of course, our girl did not fall for it.

• The whole scene between Nyssa and Ra’s was…hardcore. Like seriously, they have a worse father/daughter relationship then Malcolm and Thea & that’s saying something.

• “John tell me honestly, what have we accomplished?” Poor Oliver. His eyes are so shiny with unshed tears. I want to hug him. But no. He cannot seriously be considering the offer, can he?

I do not like that Malcolm gets to overhear a conversation between Thea and Oliver though. He shouldn’t be allowed a glimpse into their dynamic such as that. On a related note, though, I like how Oliver doesn’t even take her threats on Malcolm’s life seriously at all; like he knows that despite her bravado, she’d never actually kill her own father or anyone with her own hands while under her own free will.

• “…and I barely recognize her.” Poor baby. I love Tholiver seriously. He always tries to make her better, no matter what.

• “What did you do to her?” Oliver’s protective instincts again, kicking in when Thea’s hurting.

• “You need to remember that you’re strong alright? Just like my sister.” […] “I do. And I miss her just much as you miss your parents.” I love that, even in China/Hong Knog under the threat death like that, Oliver’s still thinking of Thea; even when he hasn’t seen her in like two years, she’s still on his mind.

“Why aren’t you with her?” The question ever Queencest shipper asks every episode. Sorry, but I just had to say that. It’s true though, isn’t it?

• “We used to go to the botanical gardens just like these in Starling City except she didn’t know that planets as well as you do.” Did anyone else just picture little!Thea running from planet group to planet group, bending down to smell the flowers and take awkward yet oddly beautiful pictures of the planets with her camera…while Oliver, of course, running after her and telling her to slow down like any good big brother should? No? Just me? Okay then.

• “Are we interrupting something?” Yes Roy, but for what is probably the first time ever, I am okay with it. Felicity is such a nagging bitch these days.

• Nyssa saved Laurel. The writers are making it really hard NOT to ship them. I mean, it’s kind of awkward ‘cause Nyssa’s so head over heels for Sara and that’s just…not good for Nyssa/Laurel, but I don’t know; there’s something’s there.

• “You know me, I don’t dance.” I bet if Thea asked him to dance with her, he would…and now I’m picturing them as Chris and Cathy, Jesus.

• Another Nyssa/Laurel scene. I like their scenes, I’ll admit it…and now, they’re going out to dinner.

• *sigh* Thea/Roy again.

• Ra’s as the Arrow. Huh? I’m so confused.

The Queencest Queen
03 March 2015 @ 07:44 pm

  • So, now Oliver must die not because of Sara, but because he doesn't play well with others?

  • "Coordinate your attacks...work in unison," Yay they are training to fight as one! Because they are one. One heart.

  • I love that Malcolm criticizes Oliver and Thea jumps to his defense....even though Oliver is perfectly capable of defending himself.

  • Okay, I thought Thea's workout outfit was some sort of like status fighter thing, but Oliver's not wearing one so now I'm confused as to why such a pretty girl is being dressed like that.

  • "You shouldn't even speak to me." Damn, Diggle burned Malcolm hardcore!

  • "We've discussed that, Thea wants to stay in the loft." I love this. Oliver talks about himself and Thea like they are an inseparable unti, like one can not exist without the other. Then it's "Thea wants to stay in the loft," because it's happy wife, happy life.

  • "We are not leaving the loft." Because what Thea wants, Thea gets. Ollie makes sure of that.

  • Bringing up Moira? Not cool, dude, not cool.

  • We have yet another similarity comparison between Sara and Thea from the mouth of Oliver's supposed endgame.

  • "I need to take a shower." Um, where exactly will she be showering?

  • "Someone who's not your brother." No, she doesn't. She needs to talk to Oliver, Roy. GAH!

  • I love Thea's short, but growing hair.

  • "And none of you told me?" Thea's mad at Roy and Malcolm, but not Oliver.

  • Seriously, everything that involves Felicity bores the shit out of me.

  • Thea is telling Laurel! Holy shit! I like that Laurel doesn't blame Thea though ('cause she should not.)

  • "After what you wanted to do [...] do you really need to ask me that question?" The fierceness in Oliver's face.

  • "He murdered my sister!" "...He's the only chance I have of saving mine." Once again, the way the 'mine' is said...

  • "It's hard to remember a time when I was actually in love with you." Lauliver break up, however temporary. It actually stings a little.

  • The imagery of the candle and Thea and then the candle going out cause of the tornado that is angry!Oliver...very symbolic and also picturesque.

  • I love how, even when he's angry with her, Oliver still doesn't yell at her. He'll yell at everybody else, but Thea? Thea gets stern, slightly unhappy!Oliver.

  • Thea was proactive and did something to protect what mattered: herself and her brother. That's all that matters to her.

  • Laurel versus Malcolm? I don't like this! Nyssa protected Laurel from herself. I ship it...kinda.

  • "You let your emotions dictate your actions..." Um, Oliver, you do that too. Like all the time.

  • So Thea traded Malcolm for safety for herself and brother? Not seeing a problem. That makes me a bad person, doesn't it?

  • "You're out of your mind." Yes because, to quote Spike here, "loves makes you do the wacky." He loves his sister and he will protect her, even from herself, until the world ends.

  • Okay, I know it's gonna go bad quick because DUH!, but that sequence where Oliver says he'll send the plane for them is so adorable. "I hate boats." Yeah, I guess you do, Oliver...and Yup, it went bad.

  • "Vengeance is justice." Didn't Helena say that at some point too?

  • Oliver's utter confusion, "I am doing it for Thea." His face is just like "why do I everything? For Thea. Duh."

  • "How is her brother dying any better?" It's not! He has to know Thea wouldn't sacrifice him for the world.

  • God, Felicity quit being such a bitchy whiner or I'm gonna have to start rooting for the writers to kill you.

  • "It's Thea. Plain and simple." Because she's his reason for everything. "Right now, it's the only thing I'm sure about." Thea is the only thing he's sure about.

  • "Me? I know it for sure." Because Thea knows him best of all!

  • "...but not you dying because of me." She's so earnest about his importance both to her and the world in general.

  • THEY ALMOST JUST KISSED!!!! *faints*

  • "No, please. Please just don't go." I CANT EVEN! What are words? What is life? I CAN'T!

  • Malcolm is such a fucking coward! Oliver didn't cry or plead when he faced Ra's.

  • Laurel and Nyssa talking about Sara was so touching!

  • It's a trap for Oliver! Fuck!

  • "I'm not gonna let you die down here." That's sweet, but what about you, Oliver? You told Thea you weren't gonna die.

  • "You are doing this for Thea, but..." It's so cute that even Diggle acknowledges it.

  • Yay! Oliver will be Diggle's best man!

  • Not totally hating the scene between Roy & Thea.

  • Thea no! Nyssa gonna kill her while Oliver can't be around to stop it! *cries*

  • Oliver can't be the head of the League. That's not who he is.

  • I'm just...*cries hysterically*

The Queencest Queen
19 February 2015 @ 01:22 am

  • Thea and Oliver sparring is just awesome!

  • "Is it weird being back here, with me?" Anyone else notice that he didn't address the important distinction in her question.

  • "It's kind of cool that we're here though," the tone in which she said sounded like a little girl happy to have some alone time with the big brother she adores. D'aww!

  • "It's like there's really no more secrets between us anymore." Except one very important one. I dread the day she learns it. I really, truly, do.

  • In the quiet moments, that look so happy to just exist together. This is why I love them.

  • "When you were here, did you ever think you were gonna see us again?" I think that's her way of sneakily asking if he ever thought of her, which of course he did she's his most important person, but it's cute that she needs to ask.

  • "Oh my God." Oliver just said that. He sounds so saddened to only see her in passing. Poor baby! Plus, the way the other guy asked, "Who is that?" He was kind of expecting Oliver to 'my ex girlfriend.'

  • At least he didn't try to choke Thea for waking him like he did Moira in season one. Also, what was with him looking at his crotch for so long? AWKWARD!

  • Way too awkwardly avoid the question, Oliver! That's not weird or worrying at all!

  • Don't open it! Damn it, he opened it! Does no one on this show know about cats and canaries? Honestly! Leave well enough alone!

  • So Thea and Oliver's training/bonding trip just turned into a nightmare. Now Thea's by herself in an unfamiliar place with a crazy man who will most likely kill her? Well that's just fan-fucking-tastic! *eyeroll* I'm starting to think that the Queens would be safer on the island from LOST at this point!

  • "What do you mean was?" Thea, you're smart, put two and two together here.

  • Oh my God; Malcolm let Slade out? He just fucking through both Oliver and Thea in SAW: Island Edition! WORST FATHER EVER!!!!

  • "Come on, we gotta go." Go where exactly? But he totally took her and once again Thea follows him without question.

  • Okay, so they're just...what? Following The around now? But he look of absolute wonder over her is both adorable and sexy. He loves her so much!

  • Canonically, we now have proof that Thea had pigtails, everyone!

  • Aw, Thea really did go out to the grave to talk to them!

  • While the extensions aren't an exact match for her in Season One, it's most definitely close. If I didn't overanalyze everything I might never have known. Good job, makeup people!

  • Oliver's smile when he saw Tommy step up and intercede for Thea was precious. I think it's kind of mean of Tommy to speficly not invite to his party? Like she needs happy things in her life, not to be separated from everyone else.

  • Something about Tommy is different, but I cannot figure it out.

  • "Yeah, well, you're not my brother." Okay so two things: One, hello irony! Two, most people would say "you're not my father/mother," or even "you're not the boss of me," but Thea said, "not my brother." It certainly showcases the high regard for Oliver that Thea has and hopefully will always have.

  • "Cause seeing you like this would break his heart." Obviously, that's true based on the look in his eyes, but it also raises and interesting. I think, most if not all of us, agree that Thea used drugs and shit cause she was in a lot of pain over the loss of her father and brother. The question this poses is: if the Gambit never went down, would Thea have taken that path? It's an interesting question.

  • "It's funny how Ollie seems to care more about me know that he's dead then he did when he was alive." Aw, Thea, no. He's always loved you most. My heart is breaking into tiny shreds here, people!

  • Thea did pretty well against Slade, all things considered. I'm proud of her!

  • The first Oliver does upon waking up: check on Thea! Then he plays the sacrificial lamb again and tries to spare Thea's life.

  • "...alone in purgatory." But Oliver wouldn't be alone in that scenario; he'd have Thea. Unless Slade sees them as I do, two halves of the same coin.

  • "You're lucky I didn't bury her next to Shado." First of all, that would have broken Oliver without recourse. I'm glad he didn't do that.

  • Thea will not allow any to vilify her brother! Not in front of her! Thea's response was so perfect!

  • They just couldn't let an episode pass without Felicity could they? *sigh* Just one, geez. I've suffered through episodes without Thea, why don't Felicity fans have to suffer the same fate?

  • Tommy/Laurel scene; those shippers must be through the roof!

  • I love how Oliver's going all Edward Cullen on Thea!

  • "Stay away from Thea Queen!" The very first Oliver gets all Vigilante-y GRR it's over Thea! My heart, people!

  • Thea picks up on his facial question and emotions, canonically proven!

  • "Just do it." She didn't even need him to explain and she's all 'okay, whatever." I love Thea Queen!

  • He dislocates her arm and, half a second later, there's his big brother side again, it's so hot!

  • Plus, this new tactic puts them extremely close together and rubbing up against one another.

  • Aw, they hugged after Thea saved the day! Queecest is real and wins everything!

  • Oh my fucking God! Thea saw Oliver! ❤️ Poor girl will probably think she's going crazy.

  • Lance just insulted Thea. Not cool, dude, not cool.

  • Poor Oliver just wants to go home to his life! Why will no one let him?

  • Oliver tackling Thea was just cool visually. I love how Thea went from indignant to worried in half a second. I love their relationship.

  • Thea wants, so bad, to be all in with Oliver, no secrets or evasions. Just trust and family. It's heartbreaking.

  • Nice soft slide into the Sara thing Oliver. Poor Thea! *sobs hysterically*

  • At least this time he made the decision to tell her all on his very own...and now everything's out in the open with them. Silver linings, right?

  • Oliver's trying to comfort her while Thea breaks down. It's sweet.

  • Thea's done taking shit from evil men.

  • Oliver and Thea as a team? THE PERFECT COMBINATION! like I've always said, thank you very much. They are kicking Slade's ass and Malcolm better be so next.

  • I love that Oliver talked her down. Let's be real, he's the only one who could.

  • Oliver hasn't lost Thea, no matter what Slade says. She might be a little confused, torn perhaps, but not lost. Not to Oliver. Never to Oliver.

  • Aww, Thea put the roses between  Robert and Oliver's graves!

  • Once more, Oliver proves that he is the only one Thea will listen to.

  • "He should not have told you that," Yes, Malcolm because Oliver's the one to blame here! Not to mention that, if he knew anything about her at all, he would know not to vilify Oliver in front of Thea. Why does no one get that?

  • "Because that's what my brother says we need to do." Example three of the power of Oliver's word in Thea's world.

  • All in all, a great Queencest episode!

The Queencest Queen
18 February 2015 @ 11:41 am

  • The cut of the previous episode even reiterates Thea's importance to Oliver. I love it!

  • Sara! I know it's probably a dream or something, but Laurel and Sara fighting was entertaining.

  • Oliver versus Laurel. If only it would stay that way. *sigh*

  • Malcolm wants to bring Thea into the Team? Damn! I wanted it to be Oliver's idea. Oh well.

  • I want Oliver and Thea to be a team, to be the duo they were meant to be! I do not want Malcolm to be a part of it.

  • "If she think her brother is a reformed playboy and a failed businessman." Thea has think Oliver is so much more then that. I know she does.

  • The idea of losing Thea made Oliver's eyes go all shiny!

  • Laurel's badass punch was...well, badass. Not subtle mind you, but badass.

  • Thea rejects her supposed love interest (who by the way is still working for the league and has horrible pickup lines) and who should show up seconds later? Oliver. Who sounds relieved and also kind of breathless to see him? Thea. I love my forever OTP, I really, really do.

  • Their hug, by the way? Lasted a long time, sibling hugewise.

  • I would also like to note that Thea, as always, looks wonderful.

  • I love how concerned Thea is, check the tone of the "where are we going?" if you don't believe me, about what he says to show her. And how somber and serious he is when he turns to her and says, "I lied."

  • I'm so excited! Thea's finally gonna know! Finally gonna know!

  • I love that she's uneasy as they go down and yet she still follows him like it doesn't even occur to her not to do so.

  • His slightly hesitation in flipping the switch...it's like he doesn't want her opinion, her love, her belief in him to change and it's as he's afraid that it will if she she knows.

  • The look on his face; the tone as she walks forward and he tells her why he lied...JFC I'm such a dead woman! Dead woman typing!

  • Thea's face! Perfect! These two deserve ALL OF THE AWARDS! ALL OF THEM!

  • Thea seems to be in shock, poor thing.

  • Her eyes are glittering with tears! I can't even!

  • "All those times..." that monologue. *heart eyes*

  • "Thank you." Then she literally walked into him, he wrapped his arms around. "Thank you." She mumbles again into his shoulder. He smiles with tears in his eyes cause he's so relieved to have finally told her, relieved to have to hide anymore, relieved to finally be honest with the one who matters most. And she...damn, she looks pleased to finally know all of who he is, all of what he's been hiding from her. "Thank you."

  • "Do you know how many times I've wished that I could thank the Arrow for the things he's done for this city?"

  • "Probably as many times as I wished we could have this conversation."

  • Oliver looks so much more at ease now, like he's no long hauling the world around on his shoulders.

  • "I was worried that you'd be angry." "Only because you broke my window....although I did kinda kick your ass." "You didn't." *laughs* Their bantering is gold!

  • I love that the person she's mad at here is Malcolm and not Oliver. I love that she's finally symbolically kind of making a choice here and she's choosing Oliver. She's finally starting to see that Malcolm's bad for her and its finally canon that he made her push Oliver way. Also, I love that when Malcolm moved towards her, she moved back closer to Oliver and away from he-who-is-a-jerk.

  • "And tell Thea, I'm coming home." Oh the smile on his face when he mentioned Thea! All of it! I love ALL OF IT! OMFG!

  • More hugs! I'm loving all the Tholiver hugs this episode!

  • Now the picture of them, I thought was behind the couch a few episodes ago, is on the table beside the couch near the door. The little things are so cute!

  • Okay, so during that whole couch chat, they were sitting so close together and Thea was literally only boy shorts and a tshirt (which I wear to bed too, but I do not sit close to my brother like that whilst wearing or ever.) the whole scene they kept getting closer together and then there was the whole "do you trust me?" Exchange which made my heart explode rainbows. Plus, the entire time, it felt like Thea wanted to, and Oliver wished she would, climb in his lap!

  • Now Amanda's threatening Thea? Oh hell no! Oliver's face was so telling the whole time, but damn, when she said Speedy, his head shot up fast. "You stay away from my sister!" He gave up the people to protect Thea. He has his morals and his honor, but nothing and no one is more important to him then his Thea!

  • "I can't believe you knew before I did." I can't believe EVERYONE knew before she did, but whatever. The fact she knows last speaks volumes about how vital she is Oliver on all levels.

  • Laurel and Sara again. I miss Sara so much.

  • I get why Oliver told Thea to get out. They're dealing with something and it's not a great moment to be leading Thea in as she needs. I know Roy was only trying to help, but The can handle herself. I love how after the Roy/Oliver fight (not exactly the fight over Thea I was hoping for but I'll take it) Oliver's all big brothery again and Thea follows his request.

  • "You think you're the only person that stand up for Thea?" Other then Thea herself? Yeah, personally, I do.

  • Lol, after facing her brother, watching him fight against her ex boyfriend, Thea goes upstairs and kisses her love interest. *cough* Someone was turned on! *cough*

  • Half a second there, I thought Laurel was gonna kiss Felicity!

  • Oh my fucking God, Thea literally screwed the guy after the battle of the words between Oliver and Roy. And in the living room of the apartment that she shares with Oliver, where he can walk in at any time! And on the couch where the night before they had their little nighttime chat. Girl is not subtle; but I adore all the implications there.

  • Okay, while not the hooded hero I wanted, I'll take Roy jumping into help.

  • Everyone's threatening Thea lately. *sigh* Thea looked amazing during the fight, though!

  • Laurel got hit with Vertigo...again. Dummy.

  • I have to note that scene between Lance and Laurel. Amazing acting really top notch.

  • I love the note of concern in Oliver's "Thea?" and in the fact he ran to her once he saw her. I love that he grabbed her arm and she laid her hand upon his. I love that he tried to reassure himself of her wellbeing by reassuring her.

  • It's so funny that Oliver and Thea are having a secret meeting about Malcolm while he's standing right there! Guys, I love you both, but you don't have your own langue, you know? He can hear you.

  • "I'm never gonna forget the things that you've done." She doesn't even know the worst of it.

  • I adore how Oliver moved to stand at her side though; like a knight ever loyal and vigilant over his Queen.

  • "Ordinarily, I wouldn't do this, but it's for Thea." She is literally, canonically, his only exception.

  • They are on the island! They are on the island...alone...together! My heart! ❤️

The Queencest Queen
18 February 2015 @ 12:02 am

  • "My sister, my city," Thea is who he's worried about. Just as she worries about him. Daw!

  • Sin grinned like a proud Momma bear at the ARSENAL.

  • Thea kicking Malcolm's ass: awesome.

  • "I'm not a killer." Poor Thea! She is so mistreated by the writers

  • Rebecca died 21 years prior to 2015. So he and Moira weren't a copulating couple until after Rebecca died.

  • Yup, another implication of Lauroy. Ugh!

  • I knew Malcolm wasn't in the lair in the last episode to talk! I knew it!

  • "[...]Finds out I'm alive, he's gonna come for me and my sister," I don't know how to textually explain the emphasis he put on the word, 'sister.' He makes her so important, so necessary. It makes my heart squeeze happily.

  • Malcolm said "I swore that I would always protect her from harm." And once Oliver said, "I'll do whatever it takes to protect my sister." It certainly implies that Oliver could become Malcolm's level of evil if he ever loses Thea. It makes me sad, but at the same time, reminds me that no matter what (to Oliver, the character at least, not the writers obviously) Thea matters to him.

  • Team Arrow, minus Oliver, standing in a bad ass line against Malcolm and his offer is intimidating as fuck.

  • "During the siege, he was only one who made me a top priority." To be fair, Thea, Oliver would have protected you, but he thought you'd already gotten safely out of town.

  • Felicity, get off your fucking high horse, okay! Your "not being okay" with the Malcolm team up is not the be all and end all of the argument, okay? Why does she act like she's the fucking leader? She's not!

  • Malcolm turned the corner in the flashback, for half a second, I thought he sounded like Oliver. Now I feel guilty for the misconception.

  • "Safer then a boat.." LMAO! That's funny, Oliver.

  • "But it will be whatever you hold most precious." So, in my evaluation, Thea. He cannot lose Thea. If he loses her...he will lose himself. Plus, I'll stop watching if they kill Thea. Her relationship with Oliver is the only thing I truly love about this show.

  • Poor bby!Tommy! Just lost his mommy and now his dad is leaving too. :(

  • Roy and Sin's friendship is the stuff of legend.

  • Another Lauroy interaction...

  • An all out Glades battle? Interesting tactical choice. Of course, yup, Malcolm uses the distraction. So predictable!

  • Is Oliver really back in Starling City? Yay!

  • Malcolm crying...weird.

  • "For Thea." I love that she's the first thought on Olivers mind...and good incentive for Malcolm. Also, Malcolm totally used "for Thea" to get Oliver to not end his own life, remember?

  • As soon as she heard the Arrow's voice on the news, Thea turned around...I know she doesn't know on a conscious level, but that's quite telling of her subconscious suspicions.

  • Malcolm and Thea are totally bonding and then Oliver walks and Thea. metaphorical, shoves Malcolm aside to get to Oliver! Plus, the way her eyes lit up as soon as he walks in the door. ❤️

  • Anyone else notice that Oliver's reluctant to meet Thea;s eyes when he lies to her?

  • "Ollie," she sounds like a women who caught in an online affair by her husband rather then a sister chatting with her bio dad.

  • I love how like almost the whole time Malcolm's explaining, Oliver's watching Thea move about behind Malcolm's shoulder.

  • Malcolm as Oliver's teacher...is kind of creepy and yet makes some kind of twisted sense.

The Queencest Queen
15 February 2015 @ 06:42 pm

  • You know how I knew it was a dream? Oliver was willing to let the city fall apart and the League to come after Thea in order to stay with Felicity. What a joke!

  • Laurel does kind of look badass and sexy in the black in the arrow lair.

  • Caity Lotz as as guest star? Epic yes!

  • "I can't leave...not without knowing where Oliver is." This girl just interacted with her supposed Love Interest and is face to face with her bio dad telling her they have to leave and what's the thing on the forefront of her mind? Her brother....who has only been missing in action three days!

  • Damn! I'm attracted to every version of Oliver on every level possible. It's unhealthy.

  • Are Roy and Malcolm both in Tholiver's apartment? How the hell did they even get in? Did they secretly make keys or something? What the hell?

  • Also guess who are the two people in the biggest picture in the biggest frame behind the couch?

  • "Stay close to her." Is Lauroy really gonna become a thing?

  • Laurel's slip up about Sara soon. She's a terrible liar.

  • Thea looks gorgeous in the scene with Malcolm, but I don't want her to go with him though.

  • Felicity as everyone's conscious and brains is really getting on my nerves.

  • Laurel with Sara's voice is creepy. I miss Sara.

  • The scene between Ray and Felicity about the helicopter is the first between them that hasn't bored me.

  • What the hell is with Laurel voice as Canary?

  • "There's nothing I wouldn't do for my family." There's nothing Oliver wouldn't do for his either. That's the thing.

  • Laurel with Sara's voice is still creepy

  • "My father taught me not to be," Um, no, Thea. You get your bravery from your brother.

  • Holy crap! DJ Chase is working for the League?!??